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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In God we have Northern Trust

All it took was the insight of a beagle to figure out that , yet once again, the Top Dogs would find a way to take your money and mine to say: "Get over it!, It's business." It was simple: they took billion dollars from the Feds and rented jets, traveled across country, reserved a five star hotel in Los Angeles, and gleefully took in one hell of a party ( including the $100,000 band, Chicago).
Northern Trust Bank has pleaded that they didn't want the federal monies and, jeez, they were only trying to drum-up business and, by the way, why not reward our bank "We are not in trouble?". Isn't this the same old story we have been hearing from other pompous-better-than-thou-banking institutions?
This country cannot exist without capitalism, but case isn't about laissez faire economics, it's corporate greed. The thing that's run us aground. Let's call it CORPORATOCRACY!
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