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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Limbaugh v. Steele: Two Scorpions in a Bottle

Was it ever a schadenfreude event or what? Surely you got the visual: the bloated faced, part-time druggie, Rush Limbaugh radio host giant went straight to smack down with the egoistical-over-the-top, RNC Chairman, Michael Steele. There it was the alpha males in a made for television version of" two scorpions in a bottle"

No sooner than Joe-the-plumper could pop a beer tab, chairman Steele went straight to his knees in obsequiousness. The whole scene was over so fast that SUV soccer moms could only surmise that King Rush ordered Steele to apologize publicly, but not on the Rush's "The Commies Are Coming" news hour, but on every major television station in the country.

Let's see if we get this: Rush, who has no love of minorities can't wait for not only Obama to fail, he couldn't wait to body slam the new (black) Repub. leader.

Sorry, I enjoyed the discomfort endured by the actors and the republican party in this scene. A schadenfreude moment short lived.
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