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Friday, February 27, 2009

Spokesmen Rooting for our Nation's Failure

If ignorance is bliss than the leaders of the Republican Party must be ecstatic. They followed George Bush-the-pied-piper to the river of spending (for two wars and massive corporate bailouts) and said said nothing about oversight, greed, economic stability. Now that Obama is attempting to pump life into an otherwise sick capitalistic system they go back to their old role of negative response of it-won't-work theory; or even worse, the dreaded "It's Socialism" scream.

What would the repubs have this nation do? Where is their plan? The constant carping about the lack of bipartisan over the financial free fall rings hollow it that their refrain when they were brought to the table of compromise was "It grows the government".

While most of us worry about the breaking point of our nation's stress and strain, the repubs give the appearance of glee and hope that Obama's plan will fail. Need proof? Just ask their de facto leader Rush Linbaugh, he will tell anyone that listens that he is cheering for our nation's failure.
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