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Saturday, February 28, 2009

The vanishing 4th Estate

Many sources for the commoner regarding international and national news are quickly disappearing in the media world and the lack of attention to it is bothersome. The list of remarkable newspapers evaporating before our evey eyes is too numerous to list here, but it is safe to say that is not a good day for America.
Without the Fourth Estate, whom amongst can watchdog the various governments? Without the print media how do we know for sure what is told to us by our national govt in regards to foreign powers, or state leaders, or even our lofty Congress or the Executive branch? Without a healthy Fourth Estate we end up with power-elite press that reports only what they want said. Want proof? Just look at the latest cartoon in the New York Post which depicts our president as a dead monkey after being shot by the police over the stimulus package. Yep, these are the same folks who claim to be "fair and balanced". Can you say the FOX network? So...with friends like FOX the death of the 4th Estate must be invigorating.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Spokesmen Rooting for our Nation's Failure

If ignorance is bliss than the leaders of the Republican Party must be ecstatic. They followed George Bush-the-pied-piper to the river of spending (for two wars and massive corporate bailouts) and said said nothing about oversight, greed, economic stability. Now that Obama is attempting to pump life into an otherwise sick capitalistic system they go back to their old role of negative response of it-won't-work theory; or even worse, the dreaded "It's Socialism" scream.

What would the repubs have this nation do? Where is their plan? The constant carping about the lack of bipartisan over the financial free fall rings hollow it that their refrain when they were brought to the table of compromise was "It grows the government".

While most of us worry about the breaking point of our nation's stress and strain, the repubs give the appearance of glee and hope that Obama's plan will fail. Need proof? Just ask their de facto leader Rush Linbaugh, he will tell anyone that listens that he is cheering for our nation's failure.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In God we have Northern Trust

All it took was the insight of a beagle to figure out that , yet once again, the Top Dogs would find a way to take your money and mine to say: "Get over it!, It's business." It was simple: they took billion dollars from the Feds and rented jets, traveled across country, reserved a five star hotel in Los Angeles, and gleefully took in one hell of a party ( including the $100,000 band, Chicago).
Northern Trust Bank has pleaded that they didn't want the federal monies and, jeez, they were only trying to drum-up business and, by the way, why not reward our bank "We are not in trouble?". Isn't this the same old story we have been hearing from other pompous-better-than-thou-banking institutions?
This country cannot exist without capitalism, but case isn't about laissez faire economics, it's corporate greed. The thing that's run us aground. Let's call it CORPORATOCRACY!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Shove more shovels toward S. Carolina

Have the hard core republicans no decency? Almost to a man/woman the Republicans in the U.S. Senate have done nothing but excoriate the ideals of the stimulus package. The constant refrain of "spend, spend, spend" were all over the airwaves by the Republicans saying that the program was just plain "stupid". Isn't it funny that this same group ran as fast as they could to approve Prez. Bush's recovery program before he exited the White House; it didn't matter that they simply approved a "giveaway" to the A.I.G. and a host of other elite companies with no oversight and no regulations.
Now some the Repubs (Senators, Governors, and Mayors) are playing hard ball with the lives of common workers by saying they will not accept the stimulus monies. Others from the same party say they will only accept some of the monies, while others are on-board the spending plan because they sense the tension of Damocles sword and just hope they are right.
The only real problem with all this lofty and sanctimonious attitude is that it is wasting precious time for both business and labor. It accomplishes nothing.
If the party's goal is to play "gotcha" with the prez and the rapid number of Americans who are out of work, then the reality is that they are not the compassionate persons they say they are; if the party's goal is to hope and pray that the prez's plan fails, then in truth, they hope America fails; and, if the party's goal is to reach out to the nation and say "We disapprove the stimulus package because it lacks fiscal soundness" then they hit a sour note with the citizens in the fact that they without doubt or gumption went merrily along with President Bush in approval of a war that lacked merit, cause, or fiscal responsibility.
Which brings us to S. Carolina. Can this state and others like it really place the lives of hundreds of thousands in jeapordy, who desperately need work, by taking a position that only speaks to the rarified and wealthy?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Where are the shovels?

The governors and mayors have shown up at the capitol just waiting to find out just how much their receptive states and cities will receive from the stimulation program. Can't you just see them wringing their hands in glee?
The whole problem is simple: Anyone even remotely familiar with government at any level will relate the time factor...a slow time factor. Which is my whole point. It's all about speed. We must find a way to get shovels into the hands of citizens who want a job. They want a job NOW. If we wait under the same old stupid 2-4 year bid process-bond-awarding system, it will be too late. Far too late.
We must tell the leaders to "super speed" the process. Get the damned shovels to the people willing to work and not the banks willing to set on their collective hands and do nothing even though they are receiving money by the dumpsterfuls.

I await your response.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Lighter carbon footprint

I have a new toy that certainly makes me feel as though I am doing something to make a dent in the ecology issues that has most of us deeply concerned. It's called a Kindle, or Amazon's Kindle. It is a new electronic format that allows me to receive newspapers, magazines, and lots of books without the hassle of postage, stacks of newsprint, and the endless search for recycle bins.
Previous to this new technology my local newspaper charged me $20.00 per month for delivery. I now receive it every morning for half that price.
Books normally costing $20.00 to $30.00 can be sent to me instantly for $9.00; more often than not I can buy books for as little as 90 cents and many sometimes I get them free.

No, I do not make product endorsements, I am suggesting that you, too, can make a smaller carbon footprint with a like-type gizmo. Just check it out. You'll love the convenience of it in that you can take everywhere, and yes, read it just like a book.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I am a true believer in the Capitalistic System. In fact, I am of the belief that a great democracy cannot be sustained without it. Of late, however, I feel as though I am living the ground hog-day-everyday sans Bill Murray, scenario. Add in the old "Fool me once, shame on you..."adage and I see the Capitalistic System in the new version of the Gilded Age. Totally corrupt!

The POTUS (the Prez) sent out the new housing proposal yesterday, and it was met with underwhelming glee from we the citizens. Perhaps it didn't achieve uproarious applause because the average Jane/Joe saw it going to the very people who got us in the messy morass in the first place.

Of course I want the Prez to be successful because if he is, then all of us will be better off. To give you an idea as to why I want this success to happen in nano-like speed is because here in Oklahoma 1 in 5 children live in poverty; can you imagine what the number will be when the huge lay-offs come rumbling through the factories, the oil patch, and the service industries.

So, we definitely need a stimulus package if for nothing other than saving millions of other jobs. My problem with all of it is simple: we keep giving buckets of money to the very people that created the problem. It's like asking prison inmates to design a better penitentiary.

The auto industry is a completely different beast. At least the market produces something of value. I "get it" when the auto execs are intransigent and refuse to conform to the demands of the consumer; the execs don't "get it" and drive the market under water and, Congress doesn't "get it" when they complained that the execs flew to Washington in corporate jets. How stupid is that? Wouldn't one want the CEO of a billion dollar corporation using his time as wisely as possible (such as flying) instead of forcing him to waste valuable hours driving to the Capital.

It is all about the kids. It all about the blue collar worker busting h/her ass to put food on the table. It is not about a bunch of corporate white shirts who are dreaming every night about how they can stiff the taxpayer out of more golden parachutes.
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