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Friday, February 20, 2009

Lighter carbon footprint

I have a new toy that certainly makes me feel as though I am doing something to make a dent in the ecology issues that has most of us deeply concerned. It's called a Kindle, or Amazon's Kindle. It is a new electronic format that allows me to receive newspapers, magazines, and lots of books without the hassle of postage, stacks of newsprint, and the endless search for recycle bins.
Previous to this new technology my local newspaper charged me $20.00 per month for delivery. I now receive it every morning for half that price.
Books normally costing $20.00 to $30.00 can be sent to me instantly for $9.00; more often than not I can buy books for as little as 90 cents and many sometimes I get them free.

No, I do not make product endorsements, I am suggesting that you, too, can make a smaller carbon footprint with a like-type gizmo. Just check it out. You'll love the convenience of it in that you can take everywhere, and yes, read it just like a book.

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