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Saturday, February 28, 2009

The vanishing 4th Estate

Many sources for the commoner regarding international and national news are quickly disappearing in the media world and the lack of attention to it is bothersome. The list of remarkable newspapers evaporating before our evey eyes is too numerous to list here, but it is safe to say that is not a good day for America.
Without the Fourth Estate, whom amongst can watchdog the various governments? Without the print media how do we know for sure what is told to us by our national govt in regards to foreign powers, or state leaders, or even our lofty Congress or the Executive branch? Without a healthy Fourth Estate we end up with power-elite press that reports only what they want said. Want proof? Just look at the latest cartoon in the New York Post which depicts our president as a dead monkey after being shot by the police over the stimulus package. Yep, these are the same folks who claim to be "fair and balanced". Can you say the FOX network? So...with friends like FOX the death of the 4th Estate must be invigorating.

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