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Monday, February 23, 2009

Shove more shovels toward S. Carolina

Have the hard core republicans no decency? Almost to a man/woman the Republicans in the U.S. Senate have done nothing but excoriate the ideals of the stimulus package. The constant refrain of "spend, spend, spend" were all over the airwaves by the Republicans saying that the program was just plain "stupid". Isn't it funny that this same group ran as fast as they could to approve Prez. Bush's recovery program before he exited the White House; it didn't matter that they simply approved a "giveaway" to the A.I.G. and a host of other elite companies with no oversight and no regulations.
Now some the Repubs (Senators, Governors, and Mayors) are playing hard ball with the lives of common workers by saying they will not accept the stimulus monies. Others from the same party say they will only accept some of the monies, while others are on-board the spending plan because they sense the tension of Damocles sword and just hope they are right.
The only real problem with all this lofty and sanctimonious attitude is that it is wasting precious time for both business and labor. It accomplishes nothing.
If the party's goal is to play "gotcha" with the prez and the rapid number of Americans who are out of work, then the reality is that they are not the compassionate persons they say they are; if the party's goal is to hope and pray that the prez's plan fails, then in truth, they hope America fails; and, if the party's goal is to reach out to the nation and say "We disapprove the stimulus package because it lacks fiscal soundness" then they hit a sour note with the citizens in the fact that they without doubt or gumption went merrily along with President Bush in approval of a war that lacked merit, cause, or fiscal responsibility.
Which brings us to S. Carolina. Can this state and others like it really place the lives of hundreds of thousands in jeapordy, who desperately need work, by taking a position that only speaks to the rarified and wealthy?

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