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Thursday, March 19, 2009

A..I.G. Bonuses: What a Bunch of Bull

To hear it from the august body of Congress, we now must suffer from the complete anger of its members . What a great day, can't you see it? Ranting, raving about how untoward it is for A.I.G. to send out bonuses albeit the fact that they are miniscule in relation to the bailout (1%).

What a microphone day these Congressional g/gals must be having! Can't you see it: raising hell over nothing but getting credit for being a vanguard of the public trust. (Where have they been?)
Everyone connected to this episode knew that the Feds and the Treasury Dept. gave complete and total information regarding this (not so important) story months ago.
But, hey, it fills up the giant T.V.s and gives us a reason to flip-off a commentator to vent our anger. But, it's a no story made huge.
How about reporting on the unemployed, the failings of Iceland, or Darfur? Much like the Octo-Mom, whom I ditched weeks ago, I am pretty much tired of listening to this non-event.


  1. I don't know, Del. I am a lifelong Democrat but think that Obama and Geithner rushed this huge package through without giving Congress due diligence to read more than a thousand pages. It pains me that some of the Republicans did catch this and tried to delete it. Sometimes expediency is not the best option.

  2. Thanks for the response.
    You're right! Thing is so huge, so near a depression situation, that it just angers me that Congress and maybe the prez's office lose sight of the real deal. The history of the compensation plan for Wall Street goes back to the 1700/1800s and most of them are regular guys/gals who rely on the bonus program; throwing them out to dry is just not fair.

  3. You know... you are completely right about the knowledge of the info long before it broke in the news this week...

    I seem to rememeber Keith Olbermann dedicating a section AND a special comment regarding these "retention bonuses" a month and change ago. I'm not quite sure I like Timothy Geitner... he seems to be quite aloof, and woefully unaware of the financial situation. How could Obama's chief economic guy "not know the full extent" of the bonus "thing?" I like Obama so much that I'll give Geitner another chance, because I have a hard time accepting Obama would pick such an inept man to manage the economy.


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