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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Flush Rush

One of the radio talking heads said quite smugly that "the Democrats are just looking for a scapegoat when they start designing ad campaigns against Rush Limbaugh". How can that be possible? Limbaugh has spent twenty years destroying the Democrats to the point wherein the very name is taken as a pejorative by most Republicans.

Limbaugh chants the Democrats are "soft on crime" and pushes for the "Lockem' up and throw away the key" philosophy even though he himself is a drug abuser. He growls that Democrats are liberals and that our very nation is on the precipice to hell if we endorse any plank of their platform, which is interpreted to mean that liberal thought is akin to the dreaded concept of Socialism. He riled for days against the social compact of Social Security and begged and pleaded with us to adopt George W. Brush's program to invest our money instead into corporate Wall Street financing. Where the hell would we be today had that market place idea come to fruition?

Many people say that Rush only wants Obama's plan to fail, and not America. What the hell does that mean? If the stimulus plan fails, than the syllogism follows that more banks will fail, more mainstreet and sidestreet business fail, and many American jobs will fail to exist, as well.

Sadly, we he makes comments about the economy failing, he has millions of listeners applauding in the background, who much like him, are gleeful at the supposed outcome, and that's just plain sick. It congers up a word for most of us; a word we commoners rarely use due to it's negative image: UnAmerican.

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