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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Teachers: Just Shut the Hell Up!

Before you discount this as another "poor teachers, always whining" scenario, hear me out. The far right legislature in the far right state of Oklahoma has a pending bill that would disallow teacher associations from bargaining for terms and agreements on teacher contracts. Before you blow that off as "So what?", it would be important to remember that the Republican Party has for years tried to muffle the voice of teachers and their associations. Let's try their first strategy: always refer to teacher associations as a "Union", as if it is a pejorative. But let's take it to a higher level, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity belong to the National Broadcasters Association, would anyone suggest that they don't belong to a union. In other words they have they right to associate, but teachers do not. How about lawyers or doctors? Aren't they members of a union? But hey, the repubs feel they must cast teachers as a bunch of blue-collar workers who listen to some guru, such as Jimmy Hoffa. What a bunch of B.S.
So, you're saying: "What the hell does this have to do with me or my state?" Simple answer: if the radical spin doctors can influence Okla. they damned sure can influence the negative attitude about teachers in your neck of the world. If they can be successful in shutting the voices of teachers, then what about citizens , who are unassociated and who want to bring forth change?
Will this bill, a total violation of the 1st Amendment, make it through the totally dominate Repub. legislature in Oklahoma? Who knows.
The question is: Will it come to a state near you? I am betting yes.


  1. Yes, good ole' Oklahoma! Those conservatives down there can screw anything up. My parents live just outside OKC and every time I visit I am frightened! lol Did you notice that the point spread between Obama and McCain was greater in OK than any other state?

  2. Good post. Actually there is a pretty large scale effort nationally to crush the teachers unions, at least as far as I can tell.

    It's a shame to, teachers unions are as necessary as any other kind.

  3. Jason,
    Yep, Okla is the reddest of the red states with all 77 counties voting a majority to McCain.

    Thanks for your support of our organizations. By the way, many professors served with us at the NEA and OEA. They truly guided us through some rough waters. They could use your intellect. I hope you are a member or would consider membership. Your appointment to any of the numerous committees would be a coup for them.

  4. Hey Del, how does one go about becoming a member? Is there a webpage?


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