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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Job Market Looks Bleak for Grads

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) has announced that this year's crop of grads will have a rougher go of it in the job market. Their report says that corporations plan to hire 22% fewer graduates. Reporting corporations also said they wouldn't be hiring at all.

The only bright spot in the employment arena is the announcement by the fed govt that they will be hiring but the increase is only a whopping 5-6%.

Want ideas about getting hired? Whether you are a newbie or a person recently laid-off, you can find a wealth of helpful info in the Wed., April 1, Reader's Digest, article by Hilary Sterne and Cathy Grandel.


  1. Tough time to be looking for a job out there, and those that have one are just holding their breath every day hoping they won't be the next one getting a pink slip.

  2. It's bad for new Ph. D's too. I'm scheduled to get my Ph. D. in may of 2010, and will be applying for jobs this fall. And according to all the date I've seen and articles I've read, the jobs are unbeliebably scarce.

    It's a tough time, I'm just stunned at how awful our economy is!

  3. So that explains why I can't find a steady job hahaha... I'd hate to think that putting my self nearly $100,000 in debt from college loans is all for naught... =(


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